Why use a Menstrual Cup?

Menstruals Cups FUN CUPs

Curious about this reusable menstrual product? Here’s why we think that a menstrual cup is a lot more fun than running out to the drugstore in the middle of the night for tampons.


Maybe the best thing about wearing a menstrual cup is that you forget that you’re wearing one at all. The FUN CUP holds 4-6 times as much as a tampon, so even your heaviest days could be a whole lot easier.

Plus, its slightly curved shape is designed to fit your body better, making it super comfortable. The base is lightly textured for easy grip and security of placement, and the tapered silicone tip makes it easier to adjust.

Menstrual Cups FUN CUPs

Got places to be? You can run, swim, do Olympic-level gymnastics, or anything else you’d normally do with a menstrual cup in. With a little lube, you can even put it in before your period, to prevent spotting.

Concerned about what you’re putting in your body? Our menstrual cup, the FUN CUP, is made of medical grade silicone — a hypoallergenic, body-safe material that’s easily cleaned and won’t trap bacteria or leach chemicals into your body. Plus, it comes with a small bag for keeping your cup clean and ready to use when you’re on the go.


You know that feeling when you take out a tampon and you feel all dried out? When it’s not soaked through, it leaves behind these linty little bits of cotton as you pull it out. It’s not fun, and it’s not a comfortable way to start out a sex session. Anyway, inserting and removing dry tampons can leave micro-tears in your vagina, leaving you susceptible to bacterial infections and STIs.

By contrast, when you take out your menstrual cup, you can get right down to business without feeling like you need to use insane amounts of lube first. It simply makes your period sex better. Plus, you can enjoy a lot of sexual and foreplay pleasures while wearing a menstrual cup: fingering, oral sex… basically everything except penetration.

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Did you know that the average tampon user will spend over 50 € per year on tampons? The FUN CUP is only 19,90 € for the single pack and 34,90 € for the Explore Kit. Not only does it pay for itself within a few months, but you can keep using it safely for years.

Need another reason to use menstrual cups? You're doing something good for the environment. Between pads, tampons, and applicators, people who use disposable menstrual products create up to 140 kilograms of waste over the course of a lifetime. Your menstrual cup can be safely used over and over again, making it virtually waste-free. Plus, it’s made in our clean, safe factory in Bremen, Germany, which boasts one of the smallest carbon footprints in manufacturing.

Ready for your new-found freedom? Then head over to our FUN CUP and check it out.

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