Better Sex During Your Period

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Sex is great. Sex on your period is great too, but it can come with complicating factors. While we can’t solve upset stomachs, donut cravings, or bouts of existential angst, we can offer you a way to make period sex better than ever. Join us as we tackle some common questions and share our favorite period sex tips.

Will it be a total bloodbath?

It certainly doesn’t have to be! Even on a heavy day, there are still steps you can take to keep your sheets from looking like a slasher film.

Period Sex Tips for a Laundry-Free Night

  • Throw down a towel or blanket you don’t care about first.
  • Keep your tampon or FUN CUP in until you’re ready for penetration. If you really don’t want to deal with blood, keep it in the whole time and stick to external play.
  • Use an internal/female condom like the FC2. Since you wear it inside, it keeps things virtually mess-free.
  • Keep wipes or a damp washcloth by your bed to easily wipe off any errant blood afterwards.

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Will sex during my period hurt?

Some people feel a little tender or extra sensitive during their period, and of course lots of unlucky people get cramps. Still, as long as you meet your body where it’s at, you can have an awesome time.

Period Sex Tips for Painless Play

  • Warm up with an external vibrator. When you’re turned on, you let go of tension, and things that felt a little iffy before suddenly feel really good.
  • Use lube. It might seem counterintuitive, since you’re already wet, but period blood is actually a little thinner than your natural lubrication and can wash it away.
  • Have an orgasm or several. For many people, orgasms ease menstrual cramps.
  • Use a FUN CUP. Tampons can cause dryness and micro-abrasions, leaving you less comfy and more susceptible to infection. Plus, menstrual cups can also help with cramps!

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Is oral sex during my period out of the question?

Heck no! Even if you’re dead set against your partner getting a little blood on their face, you can still lie back and enjoy your partner’s cunnilingus skills.

Period Sex Tips for Worry-Free Oral

  • Start things off in the shower, so you can rinse off any residual blood you may already have around your vulva.
  • If you’re wearing a tampon, put in a fresh one first and/or trim the string off. Voila!
  • Wear a menstrual cup. Obviously, we love our FUN CUP because there’s no stem to get in the way and it’s basically completely invisible, and you can even do some light penetration with fingers or a slim toy while wearing it.

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Now go forth and have the best period sex of your life! And then have your partner bring you a nice cup of cocoa, because the cravings are real.

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