Perineum Stimulation

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In men and women, between the anus and the external genitals, there lies a particularly sensitive erogenous zone. The perineum promises to bring a little extra thrill to lovemaking.


This small area between the anus and vaginal opening, or between the anus and scrotum, is known as the perineum. It consists mainly of muscles that belong to the pelvic floor and is covered with a very thin layer of skin. Numerous nerves endings gather at the perineum which makes this spot very sensitive in both sexes.

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The perineum is considered a highly erotic zone in both men and women. Due to the close vicinity of the anus, it is often an area overlooked during lovemaking, yet it provides the perfect first step to exploring anal adventures. With light pressure or gentle external massaging an especially arousing sensation arises.


Lovers of anal games swear by the ecstatic effects of anal penetration during simultaneous stimulation of the perineum. Toys like the prostate stimulator DUKE are perfectly adapted to the male anatomy for pleasuring both pleasure points simultaneously.

Sex Toys for Perineum Stimulation

Plus, all vibrators and pulsators that do have an extension at the toy end, can be safely used anally for simultaneous stimulation of the anus and perineum. This kind of play is possible for both men and women. Women also have the possibility when using the vibrator vaginally to turn it towards the anus for a passionate perineum massage.

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