Join us for a virtual tour of our headquarters in Bremen, Germany and find out what goes into your favorite toy. Learn about everything including our manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing. Watch us do what we love most — coming up with, producing, and shipping inspiring sex toys that make people happy.


Making a toy


Fun with conscience

Nothing is as sexy as a toy that you can enjoy with a good conscience. That’s why protecting the environment is such an essential part of how FUN FACTORY operates. The raw materials for our packaging, for instance, are made of recyclable paperboard. Each year, we save an average of 40 tons of resources thanks to our many recycling activities.

Our operations and administrative teams are within shouting distance. It’s just a hop skip and a jump from the prototyping shop to the conference rooms to our production facility. Since we design, manufacture, package, and ship everything from a single location, our CO2 footprint is remarkably small. Lots of us even ride our bicycles to work. Of course, as we’re known for that here in Northern Germany. You’ll see us out there on our bikes in every kind of weather, usually battling a stiff headwind…