Sex Toys for Clitoral Stimulation

Woman in a pool with mini pulsator STRONIC PETITE

In an often-cited study, only 25% of the participants reported that they climaxed through vaginal intercourse alone. Finally, more and more people are realizing that the clit is amazing! Still, we think it’s a mistake to focus only on orgasm when we talk about the clitoris. With about 8,000 nerve endings to play with, the clit is good for a lot more than just racing toward a climax. Instead, let us propose a few ways you can have more fun with your clitoris. 


You know all about your clit, right? It's that fingertip-sized pleasure organ at the top of your vulva.

Anatomical Drawing of the Clitoris

Well, yes and no. The clit you can see is just part of a larger internal structure including the shaft, which extends under the clitoral hood (the fold of skin around it) and into your body. There, it divides into two crura, also called the clitoral legs. Between those are two vestibular bulbs, which sit above and on either side of the vagina.

So, what does that mean for you? It means that there are more ways to have clitoral orgasms than you thought - and ways to make the orgasms you're having even better.


So, you can make yourself come by stimulating your clit no problem? Awesome! Ready to take it to the next level? Because this might surprise you. You know how people are raving about vaginal orgasms these days? Well, your clit actually plays a big role in those. How can that be, you ask? During vaginal penetration, the legs of the clitoris (they extend deep inside you) are getting stimulated, too.

Mini Pulsator STRONIC PETITE for Clitoral Stimulation

Want to see for yourself? Then get started with our beginner-friendly mini pulsator STRONIC PETITE. It’s a sex toy that thrusts all by itself. You don’t even need to hold it while it stimulates the clitoral legs and simultaneously hits thousands of additional nerve endings.


Now that you know the clitoris needs more than just external stimulation to reach all its nerve endings, try some stuff out and see what works best for you. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to take the intensity of your orgasms to a completely new level.

Gently caress the shaft of the clitoris, massage your vulva or glide along the opening of the vagina. The tip of your finger works, but so does your favorite toy.

Try this: Use your STRONIC PETITE mini pulsator on the external clitoris for a bit, and then insert it for handsfree thrusting. Combine the powerful rhythmic thrusts with stimulation of the external clitoris, either with your fingers or another toy — like our VOLITA vibrator — for an even deeper, extra intense and fulfilling orgasm.

Woman enjoying clitoral stimulation


The clit isn’t just the part that’s visible. It’s actually a wishbone shape that both extends deeper into the body and has “legs” that wrap around the vulva. Feel the vibration over your entire clitoris, for example with the AMORINO rabbit vibrator, which has a removable silicone band that hits your whole clitoris. Plus, you can twist it for more focused vibration or remove it altogether when you want a more traditional dual action vibe.


You know how the clit extends deeper into your body? Try a deeper vibration to stimulate that part you can’t reach. Longer and bigger vibrators with a strong motor are going to give you a powerful, rumbling vibration that reverberates through your entire clit.

Woman with Rabbit Vibrator LADY Bi


Whether you’re using a lay-on vibrator during intercourse, stroking yourself while your partner massages your G-spot, or incorporating a vibrator into a spanking session with the BÜCK DICH, adding clit stimulation into the mix is going to take whatever you’re doing to the next level. 


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