Cleaning your Sex Toys

Cleaning your sex toys - Washing of pink pulsator

Just like after enjoying a satisfying meal there’s the washing up to do, the same goes for your sex toys after you’ve satisfied your appetite in the bedroom. That’s why we’ve put together some useful tips for you on how to clean sex toys. 


All of your FUN FACTORY sex toys can be easily washed with warm water and a mild soap. Don’t forget to give the grooves and ridges a thorough clean – and don’t worry, our silicone is very flexible making cleaning those in-between spaces easy. Just bend and flex the toy as needed.

Cleaning your sex toys - Wet VOLTA vibrator

With toys like the prostate vibrator DUKE, the Massage BULLET is easily detachable from the silicone sheath before cleaning. When using anal toys, a condom can be used in combination with the toy, making cleaning even easier.

After cleaning the sex toys, simply let the toy air-dry. For an even more thorough clean, we recommend our TOYCLEANER, designed specially for silicone toys. Simply spray it on the cleaned and dry toy. We ask you never to use aggressive disinfectants or strong cleaning agents as these could irritate or attack body fluids when using it the next time.

Once cleaned, attach your sex toy to its cable to recharge it. Then, once recharged, pack it away in a practical storage bag. Presto, it’s all set to go. And you?

Cleaning your Sex Toys - TOYBAG and TOYCLEANER


To avoid fluff or lint getting on your silicone toys, they should be stored in a dust free and antistatic space. Special bags, such as our TOYBAGS made from dust free Tyvek®, are perfectly suited to keep your toys fluff free.

Of course, you can use any other dust free container to store your toy. And if some dust does happen to dampen your mood, just rinse your waterproof toys off with water before use. When using toys with batteries, please check that the battery compartment is properly closed before rinsing.

A little tip: Let hot water run over your toy a little while... you’ll have a pleasantly warm toy to play with...


Sometimes you need things to run smoothly, especially when playing anally. The right lube is essential for a whole lot of FUN, and the rule of thumb is: the more the better! Only use water based lube on FUN FACTORY sex toys made from silicone, such as our TOYFLUID. Using silicone based lube could damage the control element, change the surface of the toy and make it difficult to clean your sex toy 100% hygienically. Cleaning water based lube off your toy is easy – just wash the toy with water and mild soap.


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