Couples toys for exciting new experiences

You and your partner like to experiment and have fun? We’ve got a whole collection of toys that are great for that special surprise — or just everyday play and experimentation. You’ll find everything from our famous SHAREVIBE, the vibrator built for two, to the exciting little BE·ONE couples vibe that makes touching a completely new experience again. There’s literally something for everyone — try them out one-by-one or grab one of our exclusive toy kits! Couples toys for exciting new experiences

#1 Manta

Spice up that blowjob, and more

MANTA is the ultimate FUN FACTORY men’s toy for couples. Flexible wings surround the penis and intensify powerful vibrations driven by a high-quality motor. MANTA is also an awesome blowjob toy. Put it around the base of the shaft to get that mind-blowing deep-throat feeling. Or use it while you’re having sex together, and — bam! — your penis is now a vibrator! 


#2 Be·One

FUN for foreplay fanatics and toy newbies alike

Remember how it felt to be touched the very first time? Or that first encounter with someone special... your skin tingling, electrified, on fire. BE·ONE is designed to bring it all back, and more. Holding this couples vibrator between your fingers is effortless and natural. Enjoy the magical feeling of skin on skin as its tingling vibrations push things over top — just put it anywhere it feels good to be touched. As your arousal slowly intensifies, you discover an added dimension to sex — and even more intense climaxes.


#3 Nōs

Come together

What’s better than one orgasm? Two orgasms! NŌS, our vibrating cock ring, intensifies play for both of you by making erections harder and longer-lasting and delivering pinpoint clitoral stimulation. All this for bigger, simultaneous orgasms. Two pressure points on the inside of NŌS provide a secure grip and extra stamina. Additionally, the vibrating extensions surround the labia and clitoris with bass-tone motor power.


#4 Limba Flex

Changing places can be so hot

Into prostate stimulation? Maybe the A-point or G-point is your thing. Wherever your happy spot is, it’s like this flexible dildo can read your mind. Inside the innovative LIMBA FLEX is a strong, flexible core you can bend whichever way you like. Then it holds that exact shape until you decide to change things up. What’s more, LIMBA FLEX comes in two sizes. The integrated suction base lets it attach to any smooth surface. 


#5 Sharevibe

How about some sexy role play?

Our SHAREVIBE heats things up with penetration that hits the spots — for both of you! This vibrating double-dildo makes role play like pegging even more exciting. Both the active and passive role get their share of sweet stimulation — no harness required. 



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