SLOWGASM: Quick & dirty doesn’t always cut it

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We’ll always see the appeal of a quickie. Sometimes, you only have 15 minutes before work starts, or you’re feeling too turned on to think about things like atmosphere. But slow sex—sort of like slow food and slow fashion—has its own rewards. Taking your time leads to more discovery, more self-knowledge, and more memorable thrills. A slowgasm feels intense and indulgent. It’s the type of luxury you can’t afford not to have

It’s time for a slow jam

You probably know a guaranteed way to get yourself off, but there are more paths to pleasure than you might realize. Finding those other paths through playful exploration is what slow sex is all about. You’re exiting the horny highway and taking the scenic route.

The idea is to surprise yourself by trying different sources of stimulation, provoking different sensations, and gradually increasing the intensity. It brings novelty back to the bedroom, and leads to a surprisingly intense orgasm.

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Heading for climax

... without a navigator

The plan is not to have one. Set aside plenty of time and start getting sensual by doing things that relax you. Your slow sex session could look like this (but of course, it doesn’t have to): Take a long, hot shower or bubble bath and caress every part of your body. Exfoliate with a natural salt scrub using gentle, circular motions to make your skin soft to the touch and even more sensitive.

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Massage your favorite lotion or body oil into your skin, paying attention to what feels good. Then, set aside all distractions—phone on silent, TV off—and touch your body, head to toe, to see what gives you goosebumps. When you like something, that’s your cue to explore it more deeply, maybe with feathers, leather gloves, or temperature play. Heighten your experience by removing other stimuli, like sight or sound.

SUNDAZE: Your slow sex hero

If you’re looking for a handheld companion to take on your slow sex journey, then SUNDAZE is your best bet. A pulsator and a vibrator in one, and it’s designed for slowgasms. It moves in ways that put conventional vibrators to shame: It rumbles, thrusts, taps, and shimmies for endless sexy variety. SUNDAZE reaches nerve endings other toys can’t, awakening you to more pleasure than you might be used to.

thrusting vibrator SUNDAZE

As you use your toy, try to let go of your expectations and just explore. Test different sensations on all those parts of your body that you usually neglect. You could let the flat edge buzz against your nipple or brush against your toes. Then, increase the intensity by consciously approaching your favorite hotspots. You might stimulate the clit with the tip of the toy or insert it to rock the G-spot. 


Slowgasm: Worth the wait

If you’re used to reaching orgasm in one way, then it might take more than one try before you climax with slow sex. Thankfully, you’ll have fun no matter where your exploration leads (or doesn’t). Because with slow sex, you're closer to yourself than ever. You’ll open gateways to bliss that you never knew existed. And then, when you do come, the fireworks will be that much bigger and brighter. Best of all: For the greatest possible FUN you have to do absolutely nothing—just enjoy.  

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