5 Tips for Having Anal Orgasms

Anal Orgasm

"It's too much lube!" said no one ever. In the following article we reveal five exciting tips on how you can achieve anal orgasms—wether alone or with partner(s). We wish you tons of fun trying them out and delicious anal orgasms.

1. LUBE. IT. UP.

First, massage the anus from the outside with lubricant so that the nerve endings get used to the touch and the muscle relaxes. Then you can slowly start to penetrate anally with a (small) finger (caution: long fingernails bring a risk of injury). Bring patience, because it takes time to be really ready. And: Since the butt itself does not get wet, you should use enough lube (and add more from time to time). If you don't use enough lube, in the worst case, fine cracks could develop in your skin. They heal on their own, but are simply unpleasant—and that does not have to be.

2. For People With Penis: The Prostate Is The Key to Happiness

You can find the prostate gland by putting a finger or a toy in your butt and pushing it towards your belly, about five centimeters deep. It has a slightly rougher texture, so you can easily feel it. And this is where the path to anal orgasm begins! By applying pressure, massage or vibrating stimulation to the prostate, you can experience great orgasms, even multiple times and without even touching your penis. Tip: Lie relaxed on your side or attach a dildo with its suction base on a smooth surface. Shower walls or bathtubs, for example, are perfect for this. For beginners, a narrow and bendable dildo like LIMBA FLEX is ideal. The bendable wire inside LIMBA FLEX helps you to find and hold just the right angle.


3. People With Vagina: G-spot and Anus are in Demand

Anal orgasms are caused by pressure on the G-spot, or the inner clitoris "from behind". You'll also probably find anal stimulation particularly arousing, as the butt hole itself has thousands of nerve endings, making it a super erogenous zone. In fact: the more nerve endings are stimulated, the more intense your climax will be. The nerves in the anus area react particularly strongly to the "in-and-out" movement and to vibration. Tip: Look for the "anal safe" symbol if you want to use a toy anally. Our recommendation: Rabbit Vibrator AMORINO. But be careful: If you want to use AMORINO for anal FUN, take off its additional silicone strap beforehand. This is intended exclusively for external stimulation.


4. Don't Ask Yourself What is Right or Wrong—Just Have FUN

Try out what you like—pressure, thrusts, vibration or simultaneous touches on your penis or vulva? There is no right or wrong. You probably won't experience a (pure) anal orgasm right the first time and that's okay. But you've noticed that certain things feel good? Cool, then keep at it and get to know yourself and your butt properly. Tip: The BOUNCER holds three rotating balls inside, which vibrate with every movement. A unique and new feeling that might be just right for you!


5. The Best (Anal) Orgasms Happen When You Let Yourself Go

Especially during sex with partners, you may think more about your partner than about your own body. Happens to the best! To approach anal sex a little more carefree, you can clarify two things for yourself beforehand:

  • Hygiene: Although the bowel is inherently cleansing, some people feel more comfortable if they've used an anal shower beforehand—or simply had an extensive shower.
  • Contraception: You probably already know this, but sexual diseases can be transmitted through anal sex! Talk beforehand about whether and how you want to use contraception.

Extra Tip: Life is Hard—Butt Plugs Help!

Whether it's sex, masturbation or a trip to the supermarket: If you're into it, everything feels a little better and sexier with a Plug in your butt. You already know the anatomical reasons for this. If you're not interested in purely anal orgasms, try out how the additional anal stimulation can bring you even more FUN.

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